May 072012


Who knew it could be so much tasty, sticky fun.

Ganked knows of course.

Around 110 pilots attended Ganked 25: Jammin’ which conveniently was held on the same day that EVE turned 9 years old. Even better was at least 90% of the fleet was utilising ECM of some sort, be it jammer modules on a bonused hull, ecm drones or in my case boosting the ecm strength of the fleet as a whole. Such a uniformity of purpose made kill mails look so amazing. The size and composition of the fleet did mean we had a very hard time getting fights, but we did manage to roll over a couple of unsuspecting groups, mainly consisting of drakes and scimitars. Best encounter was a fight up in Geminate with the Goons, who valiantly nanoed their drakes around while we used our scouts and fast tackle to great effect to get warpins on their logistics, slowly but surely we got them down, for losses of “cheap” ecm platforms on our end.  Good fight Goons!

A few of us – after many realised it was late and we had done around 80 jumps so far – reformed in Rens and plowed through some Providence locals before trying to provoke a fight in HED-GP. Where, surprisingly no one would even talk to us in local, and we only had 30 or so at that point, mostly frigs and ecm cruisers, with a few BC and 1 Scorpion thrown in. If I was the locals I would have fought my fleet, as surely a fight is better than spinning (meat or ship, exclude as appropriate)?

Thats the up and down of Ganked I suppose, either way the night was really really fun, ESPECIALLY for Kalaratiri, a Ganked regular who turned 19 on Saturday, and as a result found himself enriched via the generosity of his fellow Ganked pilots.


Special shout-out goes to myself, for totally raging at the fleet before the encounter with Solar Fleet drakes. Long story short, those ECM drones I demanded pulled in before I fleet warped us, were mine. I am the best.


Vidya Flavour Jams by Geddonz & Jaymes Welty


As with Ganked 24, the wonderful boys and girls over at Somer.Blink sponsored several prizes last night, and without any fanfare here is the list of winners!  Congratulations to you all!

Scouting Distinction – Buzzard, Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher & 10 Sisters Combat probes per award. Max of three. (Jamie Banks, Green Gambit, Thecla Elarik)

Corpse Collector – Flycatcher. (PVDNS77 with 17 pod mails!) This is the same as last weeks highest scoring pod whorer!

Spot Prizes – 10 Kitsunes. (Codename Par, Damien Smith, Dragon Venom, Canidy, xXThe EntityXx, Klapen, Raubrey, Tiaggo, Klown Walk, Sativa Divipwnum)

Combat Distinction – Rooks. Max of five. (Luckyccs, Angelus Infirim, Tigran Petrosian, Xinnax, macgyver 3rd)

Combat Excellence – Scorpion Navy Issue. (Nyu Trustan) For trying so hard to let me lose your Scorpion!!!

Heretic – Falcon. Most killmails with a non-ECM bonused ship. (PVDNS77)

Yes PV being the whore he is, managed to bag two prizes!!!!  Thats some dedication! You too can be that dedicated guys just by attending future Gankeds! And guys, if you are yet to try Somer.Blink, remember if you join today using the promo code “Ganked” then you will receive bacon – not really, but you will get 2.5million isk blink credit!