Jan 302012

Last night saw the latest RVB Ganked, and the first to run on a Sunday – apparently some folks like to use Saturdays for things in game and real life too – and it was one of the best to date.

Which is saying a lot after 7 months of these roams taking place. 

(Quick aside in that 7 months we have killed over 700 ships doing just a touch under 50 Billion ISK in damage)

Our theme for the night was Assault Frigates – which have recently been rebalanced by CCP to great effect – partnered with Electronic Attack Frigates, which are just fun to have on your side.  When we departed Rens, we had over 100 pilots in fleet, with the plan being to move into Providence and pick a fight or two with the robe & wizzard hat crowd who live there. However on jumping into G-5EN2 it turned out there was a bit of a tussle over the ownership of said system, with CVA facing off against a Darkside gang.  After some warping around hoping to whore ourselves onto some mails, I kind of oops us into some bubbles and we lose a portion of the fleet.

Then dear readers, we ran away.

To Curse and beyond.

It was here that the night started picking up – despite some of the fleet rage logging at losing 30 million isk Assault Frigs – as we still number over 80 guys and are eager to find a glorious death.  We burned through Curse – being chased by a significant number of Battleships with support. Eventually we get into the Great Wildlands and we get word from Kaeda, our scout without a point, that he has just warped to a cynofield and found a Rorqual at a Customs Office!

So I call on comms for us to get into system and WARP TO KAEDA ASAP – mainly so we had some points on the Rorqual, while the gang all made their best efforts to whore on the resulting mail.

77 of us got on that killmail. Shame there was a few guys still one or two out, and in some cases taking an alternate route through Scalding Pass, but them’s the breaks on a Ganked.

After much spamming of the mail across the internet we moved on, eventually holding up in N-RAEL while some folks went for a smoke, rejoined us after a race through lowsec from Rens and so on. While here we utilised the bubbles some kind locals had left behind to kill some stupids who landed in them.

And then I chose our final destination for the night:

BWF-ZZ in Geminate.

We made our way there with a small speed bump being a UPS gate-camp  that we rolled over with our usual aplomb – seriously guys, keep failing to us please. Upon jumping into BWF-ZZ, we warp to the Oijanen gate and start shooting the small TEST camp that is there, scoring several kills, and snagging a few of their tacs – and more kills as TEST warp to those.  After some friendly banter in local, I move us up to the station as TEST promised to fight us – they did have 100 in local after all, while we numbered around 75.  TEST undocked some carriers at first, then a whole bunch of Battlecruisers and various other ships.  Committing ourselves to the fight we worked on what we could while they killed us until we were all dead.

We all died, but that was the whole point, and TEST were really good about killing us, no serious faggotry on their part. Much respect to them for that. I know that we will be back to BWF-ZZ at some point in the future.

Overall, this was one of the most fun Ganked’s we have done and was as ever hilarious to “FC”, despite the initial WTF we all experienced on that first jump into G-5 back in Providence. 

As ever Geddonz has a youtube video of the fight. Now please before watching this forgive me for the rather lackadaisical way I was running the fleet lastnight, I was feeling a little tired after my shenanigans doing “serious” FCing against Eve University earlier in the week. 

And one filmed by Roigon a regular attendee of Ganked: