Jan 232013



This past weekend, Ganked ran out to play using a mixed DPS & ECM fleet for Ganked 54: MOAR DOTS.

We assembled in Rens, with the fleet having over 100 pilots in it an hour before the kick off time! The usual conga formed up with it very nearly encircling the hub station there, and then I made it a really straight line and managed to keep it like that for a good while.  During the form up, one of the fleet members suddenly found themselves under attack from a war target they had in system, however our fleet came to their rescue and we won the day against the evil aggressor from EVE University. Before I continue it must be mentioned that EVE University require its pilots to comment on all losses & kills on their killboard – although not many do as even there it seems reading is hard – and this is what this pilot commented on their loss:

I got a good punt to Yendaj, he was buzzing around the RVB Fleet as it was forming up in Rens. Got him into structure, and suddenly the RVB Fleet exploded into yellow as they repped him. There was no way to defeat all the neutral reps, and then the other 2 U-Mad warped in. Managed to get the pod out, at least. Didnt even once consider that he would be getting reps from RVB…

Following this we moved out, in a fleet that numbered over 200!  With a massive amount of battlecruisers all fit for bear. We bimbled through lowsec, including a pass through Amamake – the first time I had been there my 6 years of EVE. We swiftly moved towards the Dudreda system, home of the EVE University Low-sec Camp.  A group of pilots I had observed as being willing to fight, and possibly drop caps on gangs of people they think they could beat. And Ganked is terrible right?

However, upon reaching the area, we found a much more fun target.  Pandemic Legion!

As the fleet was about to jump into Dudreda, a PL rapier jumped ahead of us.  I imemdiately called for us to leeroy in after it, where we found a cyno up and 20+ Rokhs, 8+ Scimitars, 2 carriers & a bunch of recons waiting for us. The cyno rapier died first to us, with me then calling the other recons, however I was quickly brought down by the PL fleet, following which I disconnected on warping my pod out.  So MirrorGod stepped to the plate along with assistance from Daneel, and 1 by 1 all the T2 ships on field went down, as the carriers were proving too tough to crack.  Eventually we held the field.  Props have to go to PL for bringing that fight, it was pretty intense and I know from asking them that a lot of the Ganked fleet enjoyed it.

[MANG RANT] As I have previously mentioned we had visited this system just to say hi to EVE University’s Low Sec camp, however it turns out they really have been taught how to act like good little null residents and to only undock when you are certain you can kill the other guy usually using superior numbers/capitals. Yet we make it easy for them with many people going suspect/criminal, both from PL & the Ganked fleet, and they chose to remain docked up, instead of come in and make the fight a three way. And a fun, no balls touching three way at that.  This children is why politics is bad. “Oh No. We might offend someone” instead of “Hey, lets fight them. Bet they would enjoy it as much as us”.

Anyway, back to Ganked.  We reformed and moved on out, however lowsec following this was horribly empty.  Not a single target was seen, and when just before Egbinger we did see some, they docked up and smacked, as thats what pro-pvpers do right?

[MANG RANT] Seriously to any “pro-pvpers” who want to be seen as such, take on Ganked. Fight us.  Prove to us your oh so apparent superiority, especially in the face of larger numbers. Surely that is why you play?

So, you have all seen those movies that speed up time with like a fast spinning clock, or a calendar flipping pages over & over quickly. Imagine that happening with nullsec gates. I am speeding it up as Great Wildlands & even Curse was full of nothing or docking queens. Following Curse we moved towards Providence in the hope that we would find something, after all its been damn good to us the past couple of weeks. However, it was not. I cannot say why, maybe it was the 100+ guys we had in a mix of BC’s & Cruisers, maybe it being a 3 day weekend the US based residents were out partying, but all we got out of Provi was Alphastarpilot from TEST jumping Logi supported Oracles into us!  

Made for a nice way to end the night, even if we did all die.  

And that was Ganked 54: MOAR DOTS.  Compared to the past few weeks it was much quieter, however PL got us an interesting fight at the start so it wasnt a total wash. 



As ever the roam was sponsored by Somer.Blink. And the winners this go round are:

Scouting Distinction – Inty Pack  (Zero Threat, Switch 4, Thecla Elarik)

Corpse Collector – Eris  (Xallaxa)

Spot Prizes – Daredevil  (Val Ona, snowterror, Phantom OfKrankor, MirrorGod, Logic Luke, Lodavier)

Combat Distinction – Cynabal  (Daneel Trevize, Yendaj, Fewell)

Combat Excellence – Navy Megathron  (Sascha Naskingar)

Heretic – Navy Augoror  (Crynsos Cealion)