Nov 172011

The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means plenty of beer and plenty of time for spaceships, which when combined result in hilarious explosions, and there is no better way to partake of these two wonderful gifts than an RVB Ganked roam.  Or several in a row!

Here is the program for the coming holidays:

19th November 2011 – Ganked 6: Judean People’s Front.
The theme is lasers.  Preferably on Amarrian ships, but you can stick them on whatever.

26th November 2011 – Ganked 7: Get back in that kitchen.
Anything you want to field, as long as it is battlecruiser sized or smaller.

10th December 2011 – Ganked 8: Viagra+Crucible=Penetration.
Destroyer Hulls.  Post Crucible buffs.

17th December 2011 – Ganked 9: Chesnuts roasting on an open Fire(tail).
Republic Fleet Firetails. Everywhere.

26th December 2011 – Ganked 10: Boxing Battleships.
Will we get hotdropped? (if you cant/wont fly a BS come if anything else. Id prefer BS though.)

7th January 2012 – Ganked 11: We’re going to need a bigger plane.
Battlecruisers. Tier 3 preferred.

14th January 2012 – Ganked 12: We come for our people.
Rifter hulls. Because.

21st January 2012 – Ganked 13: Quack, Quack, Quack.
Drakeswarm (and other assorted missile boats).

I will send round individual mails to the ingame mailing list “RVB Ganked” about these, as well as make posts for each on the RVB forums, and a post in the Ganked thread over on Failheap, as well as keep the RVB Ganked in-game channel updated. So guys, keep your eyes peeled, stock up on the beer and isk (isk=ships=explosions) and we will have a bloody good holiday!!!