Mar 132014



After a small issue with our sponsors – basically my guy there vanished from EVE for a short while, we are now back on track.  He got in touch recently and informed me that he has paid out all the outstanding prizes from roams 103, 104 and 105.  I never submitted requests for 106 and 107 due to my guy going awol.


The prizes & winners for roams 103, 104 & 105 were:


Spots: Fleet Scythe – Lilith Ves, Angelus Infirim, Tical Davis, snowman1, Silent Cyborg, DECE GOO’BA
Distinction: Fleet Hurricane – Melkor Valor, Velkar Funaila
Excellence: Fleet Tempest – Verse Askold


Spots: Navy Exeq – Fishysquirrel, LAPS3D P4CIFIST, Sick Artley, Araneatrox, Joe Ionan
Distinction: Navy Brutix – kiemai, House2twist
Excellence: Navy Megathron – Pew Terror


Spots: Dramiel – Lord Shevan, Lodavier, AMON ARDAILLES, TheParadine, Yngvarr Khshayarsha
Distinction: Cynabal – Bobinu, Jena Jamson
Excellence: Machariel – Shemmy

As said these should all be paid out by now or are in the process of being paid out, congratulations to all.