Jun 032015

8 years, 7 months. That’s how long I have been playing EVE.

During that time I started playing for the spaceships, then the pvp and eventually I simply played for the people, especially RvB and the NPSI communities I flew with and eventually lead over the past several years.

However, its time to hang up my hat and call it a day.

Yes chaps, I won EVE.

For many of you this may be sudden and gods do I know it is.  Please understand that for me this decision was a very difficult one to make considering how involved in EVE I have been during my time playing this game. From being a simple FC in RvB, to leading one of EVE’s larger, more notable communities right up to  trying (not very well) to represent you all as a delegate on CSMs 8 & 9.

However, while I have enjoyed being an enabler for you all, getting you that pvp fix and getting into some amazing fights across the years, it is hard to reconcile continuing that role with not even logging in, let alone actually playing the game. It pains me to say this, but regardless of how much I love the community in EVE (easily the best game community I have been a part of), it is not enough to keep myself logging in, even as the game continues to evolve thanks to the concerted efforts of CCP and every last one of you.

To RvB.

I have been a member of RvB for many, many years. I was there for RvB 1.0 and the start of RvB 2.0 on alts, until that fateful day in July 2010 I realised that RvB would be a great place to while away some time on my main, Mangala. Soon after I started FCing, running events and generally being active and visible for years until you all elected me to the CSM on the back of that. Eventually I ceased to be a CSM, but along the way I had also stopped being the guy you elected, the active FC, the pvper, the nuisance with the Firetail obsession and become an administrator.

A pen pusher, a desk jockey.

Worse still, I took on the Red Fed CEO role hoping that I could do you all proud in a more direct way than ever, but I fucked that up. I delved deeper and deeper into the administrator role, never really grasping that you did not need that. Fun thing is, you never needed an administrator thanks in part to the work I had done (and many better people than me) to pretty much simplify the process of “log in, undock, explode some shit”.

Leaving EVE, and therefore resigning as CEO is probably both the worst thing and the best thing I can do just as RvB starts a new chapter in its story within EVE, but you and all the pilots to come will be better served with more engaged people at the helm.

I can say that it has been a pleasure and an honour flying with and against all of you. Even you on the un-dock.

To Ganked.

RvB Ganked was started way back in 2011 as a monthly NPSI roam, somehow I got involved with it and threw myself into making it something else. I never really planned to turn it into one of the best things EVE has to offer on a Saturday night, but there it is. Thousands of pilots have flown with us over the years, many from within RvB, many more from outside of RvB (including many PvP virgins).

We’ve had some amazing fights – Ganked 100, Ganked 150, the first time we used Eagles & Vultures, to name a few; We’ve enjoyed some great stupidity on comms and during our fights including the time I fleet warped us on a Titan, the numerous times Rooks ‘n’ Kings said hi and any time I broke my overview and we had to try and win a fight regardless. Looking back I still cannot figure out how Ganked survived for nearly 4 years.

Anyway, I really want Ganked to continue in EVE once I am no longer a participant of this game. I have spoken to some people and hopefully it will continue in some form or another.

To the community.

I had played MMO’s before finding EVE, I had interacted with the players of those games, but something about the EVE community is special and its really hard to pin down. It could be the insanity of GD, the viciousness when pvping, the altruism towards those newer than us or even our willingness to forget all in game allegiances when faced with the loss of a fellow pilot. Whatever it is, it really is humbling to be a part of.

Having meet so many different people at various EVE meets over the years, its the community that has made this decision so hard for me. I never thought I would say this, but thanks to EVE I have made some great friends.  While I am able to say I won at EVE, I will be sad to leave this community behind. Luckily there are still EVE meets, and even if I do not play, I still like a drink.  I’ll keep a weather eye out and attend those I am able, especially this years EVE Vegas (Its Vegas ffs!).

My stuff.

No you cannot have it.

  • Hallor Sinclair

    Going to miss you mangala. Still remember my first day with RvB G seeing, and dispatching my first carriers. Brought the shakes like never before o7

  • GatesMcTaste

    I’ll miss you Mang, Ganked was my first real fun experience of eve I loved RvB (and still do from afar) and all you do for the community.

  • Tarsas Phage

    Mangala, it was a great pleasure meeting you at FanFest this past March and this news strikes me with some sadness. You’ve done an incredible amount of positive things for those who play this game, and you will be missed. I hope to run into you again before long. Best wishes!

  • Greygal

    Mangala, you’re supposed to make me giggle, not get teary-eyed!!! ((hugs)) my good friend, and all the best. And remember, you’re not actually leaving Eve, your just going on vacation. I look forward to the day you return.

    Edit: Do you still plan on hitting EveVegas this year?

    • I’ll be in Vegas for sure.

      • Doomchinchilla

        Mang :( see you in vegas!

      • Greygal

        Excellent! Just noticed you actually said you’d be there at the end, but by the time I got to the end, was too teary-eyed to read it :)

  • Shinhwa

    Was never in RvB, but flew on RvB Ganked roams several times and enjoyed every one. Thanks for all your contributions to the EVE players.

  • MechaJeb Keman

    Can I have your stuff? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • RiotRick

    We will greatly miss you. Can I have your stuff?

  • Shamde

    Cya around Mang, thanks for all the fish.

  • Shaggy Vatuiel

    Hey Mangala, I can’t imagine any better way to get into Eve for a pvp enthusiast than the environment provided to a noob by RvB. I had a blast and the backbone of my current corps is ex-RvB pilots. Ganked was usually at an impossible time for a crim like me, but those I flew on were great, and the inaugural RvB tournament was still the best fun I have had in a spaceship.
    Thanks for all the content man. I hope the line about us not getting your stuff means you are saving it for your inevitable return. See you in space.

  • CCP_Manifest

    Thanks for all you did Mister Solaris.

  • Maxxor Brutor

    Thanks for the the good fleets!

  • Scots_Jim

    Mang’s fleet is best fleet. You will be missed.

    Take care buddy, thanks for the lulz.

  • Bam Stroker

    That’s too bad mate but you’re well and truly going out on top. I’ll be doing my best to get to Vegas again this year and I’m looking forward to picking up where we left off at FF!

  • Jevatoxa

    Thanks Mang for making Eve a better place.

    I’ll always remember your selflessness, community spirit, patience and hilarious use of the C word! Helped take me from being a mission bear to a pvp addict!

    A part of Eve will die when you log off for the last time.

    All the best for the future, and maybe one day we’ll see you back.


  • Jekanerva


  • Zum

    Thank you for your excellent service and contributions to the community.

    You will be missed ó7

  • Nashh Kadavr

    one cannot simply quit eve. sad to see you go but just consider it a ‘break’.


  • Krytan Reborn

    Nooo this is not fair ;( Your fleets was one of the main reasons I kept subbing… Will miss you m8 and so will the Firetails! o/ Krytan Reborn

  • Bei Artjay

    Thanks for all the good times and growing the npsi community and converting a massive amount of player from carebears who are curious about pvp to pvp enthusiasts.

    Hope you can make EVE_NT Nottingham still – would live to buy you a beer.

  • Billius Zabub

    This is sad, but I understand. I wish you the best in whatever you’ll be doing instead. I really did have many good times doing Ganked. Thank you for all you did to make those good times happen.

  • Niden

    Oh no. :((((( Does this mean you’re not coming to Fanfest 2016?? Any road up, I can think of very few people who have done so much for the EVE community as you Mang. We are losing a hero and a pillar of the community, someone who went to great lengths and happily sacrificed himself so that others might have a good time over and over again. On top of that, I think you’re the nicest guy in EVE, full stop. You _will_ be missed. o7

    • Im certainly doing EVE Vegas and other meets I can make, Fanfest, we’ll see how it works out. After all its where the community is strongest.

  • Cas

    Mangala is not FC. But seriously, best of luck. Ganked was (and I hope still will be) a highlight of my week. Whilst I may not have attended every week, it was always fun and hilarious. Thanks for everything you did to make Eve a better place for explosions and whelps o7

  • Verse Askold

    fly safe…ahm….walk safe and thx for everything!

  • Verse Askold

    How about one last Ganked for those Ganked-addicts among us? a “Goodby Mang Ganked”? something fun, something cool, something MANGTASTIC!

  • jasperwillem

    You have the virus now, will see you soonish… 07

  • Phantom OfKrankor

    Thanks Mang for a thousand hours of entertainment in EVE and PS2. A while back Ganked kinda lost its magic for me and I disappeared, but the memories are great and will never be forgotten. You’re no doubt the best British guy I’ve spent a Thursday or Saturday night with. Some day I’ll get to all the leftover ships spread around the galaxy from Gankeds and whelp them in your memory.
    – Phantom OfKrankor

  • Bucefalus Black

    Thanks for all the great fleets in rvb ganked Mang….i had alot of fun :) ….best regards…..you friendly neighbourhood pusher…Buce :)

  • gordo

    Sad to see you go, i have had many alts fly with you in RVB and the weekly ganked.. its been fun.. fly safe… oh yea… PRIMARY THE DOMI… Just one last time :P

  • Dex

    been an occasional part of the Ganked roaming band for a few times, and each time I had a blast getting blown up deep in null and teleported back into a fresh clean clone back at home station, but I never once regretted any loss on any of the roams, it was immense fun for me to fly with you, and for as long as Ganked will stay on track, I’ll be a part of it as much as I can manage too. Great stuff you’ve accomplished, Mangala, especially for pilots who are akin to get fed up with corp business, and/or the lack of thereof, and like myself, I’m sure Ganked is one of the things going on, that saved quite a few pilots from taking a bored vacation. I hope you don’t plan to biomass, and yes keep your stuff and come back :)

  • aeligos

    o7 see ya (at the next expansion)

  • Wacktopia

    Ah shit, this is a tough one to read. Wish I’d had the chance to shake hands but perhaps that can still happen *cough* come to EVE_NT – Nnash does an awesome job*cough*. I hope to see ganked continue – it has always been the best way to have some careless fun in EVE. So long, Mangala, and thanks for all the good-fights.

  • Greg Ewing

    One does not simply Quit Eve Online.

    But good luck trying… :D


    Thanks for ALL the good moments, or time and effort so a lot of us could have a good time together!

  • simple_ganked_pilot

    Mang, it was an honor to fly under your command and follow you into battle. o7

    Best of luck to you in your RL Roams!

  • Jagtor

    So sad to hear you’ve gone – I been away so only just heard – we’ll miss you and I promise to look after your stuff until your return!!! As a parting gift here’s a pic of the wife – you can see why I fear her

  • Jagtor

    oops wrong pic of here – she will kill me now for sure – quick how do I make it dissappear