Apr 292012

Today’s write up is brought to you by the letter A, the number over 100 and Somerblink, who kindly sponsored several prizes for me to award to attendee’s of the roam.

Last night was the 24th Ganked roam, and the theme this go round was Amarr, so golden spaceships firing magical lasers were a go. And some random vessels from those attendee’s who cannot fly Amarr.

Our chosen destination for this evening was Syndicate, and after much crying from me because Dotlan was broken – which meant I had to use my EVE strategic maps book to do some initial route planning, good but I cannot use it on my second monitor now can I – we moved on out.  However it was not long before the “crazy” kicked in inside of my mind, and upon being informed of a cyno in Ostingele towards a station, I did what I normally do and warped us there…

Right on top of a “deathstar” fitted pos. Much hilarity ensured as the fleet bailed off asap and we went to the sun and killed some flashy duders, while the rest of the fleet arrived. Eventually we actually moved out towards TXW-EI my chosen entry point to nullsec, but as it turns out, RnK those masters of the smartie BS cyno trick live in that area, and so I made a call to turn us around and enter via MHC-R3.

[ 2012.04.28 20:24:42 ] Mangala Solaris > this fleet made me run away :(

We then wandered the eastern half of Syndicate. Which was pretty quiet except for a few Agony Empire bombers who died before their bombs actually landed.


[ 2012.04.28 20:58:00 ] C’rith Nemes > Whoever tossed that bomb sure as hell missed the main body of the fleet.

Major Floor promised to offer them some advice on doing it right. Hope he did.

We got pretty bored meandering through eastern syndicate, as despite our best efforts we could not find anything to kill that would not either run or dock, although on that note, we did try to wtfbbq a carrier on a station while convo-bombing the pilot (Drivvin) who got very mad in local, DESPITE docking and depriving us of a mail. 

[ 2012.04.28 21:33:17 ] Drivvin > u little fucking faggots…thats sooo petitionable
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:27 ] Max Teranous > hehehe
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:29 ] luckyccs > go ahead
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:31 ] Nicola Abre-Kai > you seem mad
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:32 ] Jaymes Welty > REPORTED
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:33 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:34 ] HerrKommandant > lol
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:35 ] Vora Dumem > http://i.imgur.com/r2zvK.jpg
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:36 ] Exoth3rmic > if you don’t want to talk to us
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:37 ] Luscius Uta > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:38 ] Exoth3rmic > that’s not my fault
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:38 ] Sarcos > mmm tears
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:39 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:40 ] Vincent Death > OMG WE ARE SO SORRY
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:41 ] Drivvin > ur gettin ur lil chaeting punk asses gagged
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:41 ] Max Teranous > i wanted to talk to you!
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:44 ] Bunniy > .(\__/)(=’.’=) (“)_(“)
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:46 ] Ranek Auscent > i wanted to talk to you :(
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Ralina Foley > Not our fault if you have crappy computer
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Fintarue > u mad?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:47 ] Liara Bathana > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Algot Tram > UMAD BRO
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Combat Mink > u mad bro
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Mahalleinir Daishan > u mad bro>
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Yaaar Smackdaddy > u mad bro
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:48 ] Mactabilis Maero > u mad bro?
[ 2012.04.28 21:33:49 ] Ceofore Aideron > umadbro?

(Lots more “u mad bro” followed)

[ 2012.04.28 21:35:10 ] Drivvin > lol
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:12 ] Drivvin > idiots
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:16 ] Drivvin > unsub
[ 2012.04.28 21:35:23 ] Drivvin > u reak of fail

He then went on to compare killboards, so a lot of local spam became Ganked regulars linking their stats for a laugh, and then the best bit of the local chat with this amazing duder:

[ 2012.04.28 21:38:42 ] Alec Stacer > Driven, your blues would like you to act like an adult

Obviously we moved on and back towards MHC, where lo and behold we found an Agony basic class – that had actually set out on time! They bubbled the 6E- gate so we jumped in and shot them, but they jumped out, so we jumped after them as soon as our aggro had gone, as they had bubbled themselves again.  It was a slaughter. Just not a slaughter of the Ganked fleet. I did feel a little dirty, but then I heard that it was possible the Agony gang had some bad intel about our fleet composition, and I felt less dirty.

[ 2012.04.28 23:28:23 ] Phantom OfKrankor > [23:28:11] RageChild > Agony got bad Intel on Ganked being a frig fleet

Following this “GREAT SUCCESS” we took a quick break then moved out towards the only named system in Syndicate, however we did not get much further than that. And a brief explanation of why follows:

1) Cloaky bubbler in system.

2) Bubbles up.

3) Bubble is refreshed as scout lands, but before they see anything on scan.

4) Scout calls bubble as 10km off gate.

5) FC warps fleet to a “clear” gate – heh, its only a bubble and only 10km off gate.

6) As we warp, cloaky drops a cyno and in comes ROOKS N KINGS in smartie BS having been bridged in by their titan. 

7) It was a slaughter. Of us.  TiDi kicked in and we could not do a thing – I do admit that I was laughing my ass off though, as it was just a typical thing to happen to us after such a buoyant earlier fight.

Yes we had them happen to us again.  It cost us over 100 ships, and quite a lot of anger and tears in fleet and the RVB Ganked channel, but in the defence of the scouts and myself, this particular trick is a very difficult one to be on the look out for, especially with neutral eyes and even more so with our very open Ganked comms. We win some we lose some. 

To those who think that the fact that after this we had 40 or so folks remaining that obviously I am terrible then yes I am, but this happens once in a while a major whelp occurs and folks go home, yet MANY of those very folks return the following week despite any bad vibes they felt the week before, having calmed down they realise that they did in fact have a good time. But just to be nice, I am currently drafting an article that sets out everything that one can possibly experience on a ganked, along with a basic primer on some of the terms used by myself and others on our comms. As I am just that nice.

Anyway, long story short, we went back out with vastly reduced numbers. Killed some stuff, died to the Agony roam, and then logged. Then I stayed up to 6am drinking Cognac…

In other news Geddonz and Jaymes Welty both did vidyas of the roam:


And now for prizes!!!

Scouting Distinction – Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, 10 Sisters Combat probes per award. Max of three. (Akuma Nixen, Fintarue, Eviliain)

Corpse Collector – Heretic. (Exoth3rmic with 17 pod mails!)

Spot Prizes – 10 Slicers. (Ceofore Aideron, Judontknowme, Bernadette Kasenumi, Mactabilis Maero, Belkadan, Lemmingster, Rokhaard Indiz, Max Teranous, Nyu Trustan, Serina Bae)

Combat Distinction – Zealot. Max of five. (Shu’jiha Shiznae, Algot Tram, Combat Mink, Vincent Death, Ranek Auscent)

Combat Excellence – Damnation. (Daneel Trevize)

Heretic – Harbinger. Most killmails with a non-Amarr ship. (Nutjob O’Crazy)

A HUGE thanks and shout out to the folks at SomerBlink once again for providing these prizes!