Apr 132014



This coming Easter Weekend, RvB Ganked invites you all to join us for a weekend of wild abandon, drunken comms and crazy carnage. 

We will be running Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  Details of everything are found below, please note that we will be using the Ganked Mumble for all comms over the weekend.


Ganked 113: Concord Hymn

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014

Time: Form up @ 19.00 / Depart @ 20.00

Where: Hek / Hagilur (For Blinkies)

FC: Mangala Solaris

Theme: Autocannons, Shield, MWD, Minmatar. BC, Cruiser, Frigate.  Tackles needed, Ewar needed, Shield Logis highly needed.

The title does not refer to EVE’s popo’s, but to the start of the seppo war of independence and its opening battles. Additionally we WILL be out long enough to take part in the final one of these events: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=4464168 Specifically this one “April 19 – 22:00 UTC”


Ganked: Resurrection Day

Date: Sunday 20th April 2014

Where: Rens / Uanzin

FC: Mangala Solaris

Now as this is resurrection day, we will be reprising a couple of my favourite themes from the past few months.

For part one we will fly Interceptors and will be roaming deep into renter space – Bring some probes!!!! We depart Rens @ 12.00 UTC

For part two we will once again fly out in my favourite Amarr based theme. Lasers, Neuts, Armour (Basically fits from 4 weeks ago and the Ides of March roam) 

Prophecies, Harbs, Omens, Mallers, Arbies, Ashimmu’s, Cruors etc.  Armour logi will be excellent.  Tacklers & Bubblers (Hics & Dics) too.

Part two will depart Rens @ 19.00 UTC


Ganked: ‘Straya

Date:  Monday 21st April 2014

When: 13.00 UTC

Where: Mista / Kheram

FC: Mangala Solaris

Theme: Enyos/Wolfs/Retributions. 

Armour fit, short or mid range. A nice spread of these would be great. Armour logi, tackle, ewar, bubbles, and PROBES!!!!