Sep 212011

Once upon a time, there was a group of pilots who lived in Null security space, and after getting thrown out by the Russians, set up an alliance in Empire space that goes by the name Pinked.

They recruited other corps into this alliance using the following points:

  • Are you bored of those annoying war decs?
  • Are you wanting to fight back?
  • Are you wanting to learn to PvP?
  • Are you wondering what those 0.0 sec fights are really like?
  • Are you wanting to reach your full potential in PvP?
  • Are you wanting your corporation to stand on its own feet?

However, it seems that when push comes to shove, they do not do any of the above for the members of their alliance, they demonstrate a total breakdown in their message when it comes to the members of the corporations they recruit.

How do we know this? Because over the course of the TWO times they have declared war on RVB, they have obviously had new corporations join and then failed to tell them they are at war with RVB, or even given them any of the leadership and training promised in their advertisement.

During the first war, a corp called Irrationality ILLC joined them, and suffered some embarrassing losses at our hands, with no aid or leadership from the so called experts in their alliance.

Then during a second – currently on-going – war, that has some RVB D-rama behind it, they inducted another corp, obviously under false pretences and also threw some more stupid losses our way.

We have tried to speak to the players we have killed, and tell them what is going on, but some do not even know they are in an alliance, let alone know why they are at war with the two most active pvp groups in Empire.

This really is an amazing example of failure to communicate from a leadership which expressed a willingness to be different; such a failure which will just ruin the enjoyment of the game for some of their members, and if luck will have it, cause said “leadership” to run back to null with their tales between their legs.