Dec 072015

The past few days I have been consolidating assets and generally moving around space, while doing so I noticed that there was not many pilots in the systems I passed through, even on what were once major pipes, and that even in a few months random local chatter had dropped down somewhat.  I promptly joined a fleet and was awash in chat and fun times consequently forgetting all about this.

Then this morning, it popped into my head again, and I got to thinking that if only there was a way for these isolated/localised groups of people to interact with greater numbers on a pretty basic level, with a result of these players possibly interacting in more vital and interesting ways as time goes on.

As you can see, I think that system local should be removed/changed/something, purely because giving players more people to chat with than offered by local/corp/specialty channels could then lead to these players being more willing to band together and do “things” (Yes, I have an almost naive view of EVE players here, but hey ho). While I do not buy into, or wish to propagate the trend of “EVE is dying”, in a time with low PCU’s giving existing players an easy way to reach out to others around them is a win with its potential to increase player activity and start a new up cycle, surely?

Additionally I know that Constellation and Region chats are available already but while Local is the default for chat (and intel), then the rest go ignored and un-used in a never ending cycle, and no grassroots movement will see this change. It will have to come from CCP themselves, maybe at the same time that local is divorced from the intel it provides (I’m on the fence over local = intel, as a good or bad thing)?

Regards implementation, yes I would love this across all types of space. With each “level” having slight differences to one another. For example in empire space (both high and low) Constellation chat replaces local with no other changes. Null, it could be delayed and wormholes, just scrap it. Okay, okay I admit I am not sure how something like this would in wormholes, so ideas on the back of a postcard please. Whatever happens, these changes are workable within the lore as it pertains to capsuleers gaining even more power/sway over New Eden.

Overall, this would be a small step in terms of increasing player socialisation, but not everything can be a giant leap.