Jul 232020

Otherwise known as you really cannot quit this game, or it’s community.

Well not for long.

Yes, I have rediscovered Internet Spaceships again. I am not promising an amazing amount of content to flow forth from here on in, what I am promising is lots of explosions, tweets and blog posts as I figure out exactly how to play EVE all over again.

And what a great time to return, there’s a huge bloc war on, some alien? fellas have been invading things and RvB has decided to return to its roots and simply get back to shooting itself.

That last suits me just fine.

Back to RvB Mangala?

While I have been “away” the community has dwindled somewhat and the explosions have lessened, but the desire to simply shoot ourselves never really went away.

New leadership is taking them back to The Forge, getting The Forever War back on track and looking to pull in as many pilots as possible to get the action going, so why not throw in an alt and when the latest war or those tricksy NPCS bore you, come shoot those dirty Reds/Blues.

Currently RvB is “purple” to allow people to move or return home, get all their toys together and get used to different space, but when its switched off. ITS ON!

Really, back to RvB?

For me, RvB is always going to be my home here in New Eden, and it makes perfect sense to relearn the game as I find ways to assist in RvB rebuilding, all the while taking care to enjoy the game as a game, not as the work I treated it as way back.

And guys, no standings to anyone, no hard rules on what I should/shouldnt fly, considerable understanding around my cock ups and generally some of the best people I have flown with, why wouldnt I want to stay here.

See you in space folks!