Mar 142022

Well, it has been a few years. I have found myself very busy out in the world, especially after moving into retail and then a bloody great pandemic striking the world. After the initial insanity it was so damn peaceful as you all stayed at home.

Still, through all of that with not much else to do beyond sell folk loo roll and rice, I really did not make the effort to try this game again, however as everyone else goes outside again, I find myself craving a universe to play in. The old familiar siren call of Tranquillity got to me.

I know much of “my” old world in EVE has changed as much as the game itself has, so while I am answering the call of the stars, I am not sure where I want to go and what I want to do when I get there. Trust me when I say this is exactly like me picking somewhere for lunch or dinner in the foodie hell that is my current town, and I always end up needing advice.

I know for a fact, my history with RvB will cause some to ask if I have plans around that. I do not. I have no desire to understand what lead to it seemingly being dead nor do I feel that trying to resurrect it would be a good for TQ, RvB or me. My time in RvB, indeed RvB’s time in the spotlight and at the forefront of our own brand of craziness, was a highlight of my years spent playing games and herding communities, however it is not something I have the energy to repeat all over again. Especially now I am sober!

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for a future for me, join ingame chat: DBL Vodka & Lemonade, EVEmail Mangala Solaris, or hit me up on twitter or here is good. Just understand, its been 4 years since I last shot anyone in anger, or indeed told people to do the same. I am simply now almost a newbie. Just with “A LOT” of Firetails and lord knows what else hanging around.