Jul 232013


July 22nd 2011.

RvB – and some friends – went out on a roam, the inaugural RvB Ganked roam.

The theme was Rifter hulls. And it was glorious.

Apparently I even FC’d part of it.


And now here we are Two years later

82 roams under our belts, 7375 kills, 575 Billion isk destroyed & 10 other FC’s “discovered”.  

In short its been epic.  I have – regardless of views to contrary – enjoyed every minute of every roam I have either FC’d or attended, and its all down to you all. So thank you.


For our 2nd birthday roam, I settled on Gnosis – shield fit to go with our shield logi, and never once did I think we would get nearly 100 Gnosis in fleet. Yet we did, and all that while I was flying for RvB in our first Alliance Tournament Eleven match against Why So Serious:


The roam itself started pretty quiet, we rolled over a few guys in Rahadalon, wandered through a really quiet Providence and generally saw nothing much to kill.  After a short break in HED, we heard about a couple of gangs that were around and tried to get them pinned down, however that didn’t work either. Then I joined a convo with a member of Severance, who had seen the intel of our gang and wanted us to come and fight a BS gang he was in. We assumed tarp, but said yes anyway as why the hell not. We arrived in the target system, hung around until suddenly “CYNO UP”, and the Severance gang cyno’d in to the other side of the system. 

It was on!

We warped to 0 at the gate they had warped to from their cyno, our logis came in at range behind us, and as it turned out, their logi was also at 0. So it made it 100 times easier to fully commit to the fight. Their logis dropped before I even had time to call each one, swiftly followed by their deeps and anything else that caught our fancy.  It was pretty much a whitewash, they lost 40+ ships to the 15 gnosis we did…

And that was that, we decided that once again we would end the night on a high, which for me was perfect as I had been on a high ever since the Why So Serious match in ATXI! 150 kills, 11.5 Billion exploded and a ton of fun had.  Love it!!!!


We had numerous prizes to give away courtesy of our sponsors at Somer.Blink – including a couple for the winners of these polls – and here are the winners:


Dramiel – Roigon, Bald Rikk

Succubus – Atlas Jaynar, Mirzam Tectrin

Daredevil – Cosmo Blink, Duckslayer

Cruor – Chester Waldron, Captain Jonathen Archer



Ashimmu – Tgl3, Daneel Trevize


Best Year 2 FC:

Bhaalgorn – Mangala Solaris


Best Year 2 Scout:

Cynabal – Green Gambit


Finally, a reminder that there are no Ganked roams for the next two weeks. We are taking the remainder of the alliance tournament off, so that various members can focus on the serious part of the tournament. 

We return to our scheduled programming in August with the following roams both hosted by Guest FC’s:

Ganked 78: Cherry Poppin’
Saturday 10th August
Artillery – BC and smaller.

Ganked 79: TBA
Saturday 17th August
Larkonis Trassler

Jul 172013


Recently there has been some talk on the RvB forums about a website called Fleet-Up.com and whether it would be viable for a group like RvB to use it.  Personally given the nature of how we operate I do not think so as frankly too few of the FC’s would use it, let alone the members.  Also it’s a cost we really cannot afford in the long term if member uptake is low.  

However, after having a look around the website, I thought that it could be something for Ganked to use, at least for the guest FC’s and more involved attendee’s. So I stumped for 4 months usage of the site for a group of up to 250 people.

The site allows you to create groups, set up “events”, upload fits and even add those fits to doctrines for group members to utilise. Additionally it can help you create fleets, track those fleets and even see how well those fleets do compared to previous roams and so on.

I would like to give this a go on various Ganked’s over the next 4 months, and so would love it if many of you would join the site, and the RvB Ganked group using this link. I’ll give other FC’s full rights to create roams and doctrines, regular members the ability to upload fits – SENSIBLE FITS – and everyone else, just basic access.  This is not a compulsory affair, but I would appreciate as much support from you all as possible.

Jul 052013


When the in game clock ticks over to 17.55 today, Mangala Solaris will have been a member of the amazing institution known as RvB for exactly 3 years.


Like many of you, I first joined RvB with an alt however in July 2010, not long after returning from the outside world, I found myself looking for a home with my main and so I signed up to Blue Republic with Mangala. Within hours I was whoring those mails and even getting the odd final blow. My favourite kill from those early days will always be this one, and people wonder why I like the unlimited combat area so much!

Somehow I started FCing – arranged fights, impromptu scraps, roams and so much more – and from there I helped out in Command a couple of times and slowly moved towards becoming the pimp for RvB I am today.  

During my journey from eager RvB main to jaded & bitter RvB veteran I have seen & undertaken many things:

  • Four moves from Verge Vendor to Everyshore to Lonetrek and now The Forge;
  • Helped RvB pass 500,000 kills, kills which no matter how they were made all have a story behind them;
  • Several epic wars with those smelly layabouts over in EVE University, during which high sec saw what we still hold to be the largest battles between two entities it has ever seen;
  • Innumerable other third party wars, some fun ones, some not so fun – MATE;
  • An RvB directors’ wild idea go from a simple purple roam to become EVE’s premier public roam, with dear old me having FC’d over 50 of them;
  • Our Mass frigate FFA’s, a couple of which have given the server a severe RvB shaped headache;
  • And who could forget all the support & assistance RvB gave me during my successful campaign to become a CSM 8 Delegate.

After three wonderful years & nearly 6000 killmails that I have found my way on to, I feel more at home here than ever, and I know that this is down to all of you. This includes the people who cause me to get annoyed, the people who cannot read the rules, the people who make the rules, and especially the people who make it a joy to log in and (occasionally) undock. Keep doing what you do and I’ll still be here in another 3 years.


Jul 012013


On the 29th June, the 74th numbered Ganked roam went out to play.  It was lead by top scout & regular Guest FC: Green Gambit, as I would only be able to make it later due to taking part in a Space hangout with Ali Aras – a fellow CSM delegate.  The time I spent with the roam was really great fun, a couple of good fights were had with the Providence holders and their friends.

Anyway, Green sent me his write up of the whole thing, so here it is:

So we’re out on Ganked 72 discussing future roams when I mention the idea of shield-Amarr as a theme. Next thing that’s chosen as the theme for Ganked 74, and I’m guest FC…

Fleet forms up in the regular favourite of Rens, although we don’t see any of the usual docking games. Departing a minute or two past 20:00 the fleet makes best-speed to Irshah where we meet up with the flashies in fleet. Now at full-numbers the 130-strong fleet heads one-jump out into Asabona when we’re informed of a small BC fleet, one jump back in Gomati. We run back to find that they’ve left local, and we have no clue which way they went. We turn around again and head into Curse.

Entry into Curse is quiet so we start heading along the pipe to VOL-MI. Forward scouts call a small gate-camp in CL-85V, so the fleet burns to try and catch something only for the scout to report the camp fleeing, as soon as we start hitting K-Q. Fortunately a Cynabal lands on the CL-85V gate in K-Q at the same time of the fleet, is forced to jump and dies in CL-85. We move on through Curse looping around through XX9 finding people in local, but space quiet. We arrive in H-A and as we’re warping towards the S-E gate, a gang on a gate in EQX is spotted, again the fleet makes haste over, but again the gang flees to station before we arrive. We turn around and head back towards VOL-MI cutting through Scalding Pass. Local009 spots another small gang in VOL-MI heading into ARG. We wait in R-3 hoping to catch them as they come through – however they must have scouted us as they flee, leaving us just with a solitary Stabber to kill.

We get intel on a relatively large Cruiser+BC gang in Providence, so head out of empty Curse and cut through Catch into Providence. Our scouts find them in T-RPFU setup at zero on the gate. This being Ganked, we jump in and open fire. We have slightly more numbers, but they have more BCs whereas we’re mostly cruisers. Add to them a dozen Scythes and they clearly have the upper-hand, but it’s a nice little brawl and we cut through most of the Scythes and net 28 kills overall.

Whelp One over.

Having finished his CSM business, Mangala joined us for round two, and the fleet reformed in Rens. We set off again around 22:45 heading back towards Providence but skirting through a little low-sec first. The fleet kills a random punisher on a gate in low-sec only to discover from the killmail it’s worth 92m ISK! But aside from occasional ships on gates this part of low-sec is quiet, so we soon find ourselves back in Providence.

We wander around Providence mostly missing small things on gates until local009 calls a small gang with Harby and Drake on the D61 gate in Y-MP. We send forward a couple more ceptors to tackle, and the two BCs are pointed. Fleet jumps in and kills both, along with 6 other ships from the gang. This seems to have turned around our luck as we then snag a few things on gates including a Raptor that thinks he can escape by burning away at 3km/s. However our tackle has him locked down and eventually he dies along with his pod. Unusually though Providence is quiet of ratter and miners.

We head further around Providence and venture into VKI then H-G. It’s quiet so we turn around to start moving round towards LF-2. There’s a little confusion about the location of fleet and scouts, and we’re told about a medium-sized gang – just as we jump into it in 3GX. Finding them set up, and ourselves outnumbered, we burn back to the gate and jump back into VKI – we lose a few ships, but most of the fleet make it back. The scouts still in 3GX inform the Provi-defence fleet, that we’ll stand and fight but only if they jump into us.

After a small delay they oblige and local spikes. A rupture is the first thing to decloak and dies almost instantly. We’re shooting other targets when Mang points out their Basilisks have decloaked right in the middle of us, so we switch targets. It takes us a minute to grind through the reps but they both die. We’re now starting to fall fast, but manage to pick-off a couple more ships before we’re done. Another decent fight, whelp two over and time for bed!

I’d like to thank.

  • Local009 for scouting and stepping up to target-call when needed.
  • Major Floor for scouting and bringing some links along
  • Cal Abungu for entertainment on comms
  • The provi-block for bringing two decent fights


As with the past 40+ roams, Somer.Blink sponsored some prizes for the roam and the winners are:

  • Navy Slicer: Major Floor, Akori Mitsumoto, Phantom OfKrankor, mikeshaw91 inkura, Dazmaz, Joe Appleby, Ragnar Alestorm, Kitty Baugh
  • Navy Omen: Cal Abunga, Oh’so Scrumptious
  • Navy Harbinger: Local009, Trinneth
  • Navy Apocalypse: sens1
Jun 242013



This past weekend, Ganked 73 was Guest FC’d by our dear friend and ender of evenings, Alphastarpilot, formerly of Thorn Syndicate, currently flying for Test Alliance.

Alpha’s chosen setup was T1 armour cruisers supported by logistics and ewar.

Yes you read that right, logistics.

On Ganked!

And boy did we ever get some logistics. We had over 35 logistics in fleet with us for this roam, together with some 20 damp boats and assorted other ewar platforms, and around 100 guys flying T1 ARMOUR HACS (this video never gets old).

Following form up we bounced into low and started heading towards Alpha’s chosen destination, B-DBYQ. On our journey there we discussed the new jump animation, how it affects traffic control and how it can cause neutral’s jumping in with us to die when they exit the animation, like this Curse & this Proteus. I wonder if they even expected it…

We soon reached B-D however CFC where slowly returning to the system after trying to kill a titan elsewhere, and so we moved into J5A-IX and waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

Just as we were getting ready to warp to a pos to bump a carrier out, LOCAL SPIKE!

And it was on. DPS & Ewar had anchored on the FC, our logis were anchored on an anchor of their own and the CFC had brought tacklers, HAM caracals & scythes. Their tackle started melting, bubblers exploded – in one case he came right back and exploded again – T3 snipers jumped in and died, however our logi anchor got caught by lag and fought hard to recover just as the CFC fleet started heading their way…  That didn’t stop our logi though, no sir! They kept the reps coming as long as they could until they were overwhelmed, then the rest of us started to really feel the pain of fighting the numbers of the CFC next door to their staging system! And through it all fleet was damn well behaved! 


By the end of it a couple of hundred ships had been destroyed between both sides. Our view & EVE-kills view – I tried to BRDoc it, but it breaks the site while I still have a third of the corps left to assign.

Following a short break we reshipped into talwars, and headed back to the area, running over this stupid tengu as we did so. The next hour and a half was some of the most fun I have had for a while, Alpha really showed off how well talwars can work to the fleet, and I picked up a few tricks for use with them too.  The “doctrine” itself punches massively above its weight, especially on this proteus! During our time in B-D with these ships we got some 90 kills or so and had a riot doing it.  Here is EVE-kill for that time as the Ganked killboard splits the battle into too little a timeframe for me to link properly.

All in all a really fun night was had, over 200 kills done, nearly 11 Billion isk exploded and a new guest FC inducted into our ranks!  Personally, I and many others had some misgivings about Alpha FCing the roam, as we assumed that it was all a cunning plan to tarp us and ruin our fun, however this was not the case and I for one am happy to put my hands up and admit I was very much surprised! 



As usual this RvB Ganked roam was sponsored by Somer Blink – who are also sponsoring the RvB AT XI team this year – and several people won sponsored prizes during the roam.  These will be contracted to you by a representative of Somer Blink within the week.  Congratulations to you all!


Spots prizes –

Kitsune: Smokey Pappotte, Balkor Wolf

Keres: Fishysquirrel, Barachan Otaared

Sentinel: Hooligan Anstian, Zander Killer

Hyena: Ragnar Alestorm, Alex Dagonn


Distinction –

Navy Exeq: Ne’Rubis Tanthalas, Mason Datar

Navy Aug: Svartik McUrist, Macgyver 3rd


Excellence –

Megathron Navy Issue: Redbad

May 062013


While EVE is 10 today – the 6th May 2013 – Sunday the 5th May saw the highest Peak Concurrent User count in 2 years occur.  65,303 pilots logged into the game to mine, rat, ship spin, trade, scam, and most of all pvp.  I myself like to think I encouraged some 250 of them to log in and attend the 67th Ganked.  This was a frigate & destroyer hull themed roam that as well as rampaging all on its own, would be shooting a Nyx piloted by Marlona Sky

As the system for the Nyx event was to be announced on the day, I had the roam form up in Rens, which turned out to be very fortuitous in that it was 8 jumps or so from the event system, so we changed plans slightly and moved a few hulls over to Floseswin to allow us to be better prepared for any losses suffered while helping take the Nyx down later. While moving ships we scored a few kills in the low sec systems along the way, and even back in Rens.

Following this, we roamed into null sec, not really getting any fun out of it at all.  A few bombers that got some dudes, and in turn got killed as well but pretty much all we found was dead space.  We then got word from CCP Foxfour that the Devs would be roaming and so we bounced back to Empire and waited.  

CCP FoxFour > How big is your fleet and where is it?


We did not have to wait for long.  The Dev’s appeared in Brin, and so we moved out that way, tidi-ing every system we passed through severely, 180-200+ pilots will do that it seems in low sec. Watching the Devs stream we saw them bounce into Todifraun and so in we went, to find them already engaged by a MUCH smaller group of frigates. And so we joined the battle.

I called all our favourite Devs and one by one they were caught and they died. Then I did my usual and burned out of range, so House then Mirror and others stepped to the plate and called more of them too. Eventually CCP were overwhelmed by both us and the never ending “others” streaming into the system. I think we did damn well! Yes it shows kills only, and I think some randoms are missing, but thats how Ganked rolls. Also even evekill shows no losses!

Then it was time to head to Floseswin for the main event. 

I can only really say “OH BOY”.  

The system was crammed with over 2000 pilots. Most of whom wanted to shoot the Nyx, and others who wanted to shoot everyone else or even rep the Nyx. All rather interesting under 10% tidi. Eventually the frigate dps could not break the remote reps hitting the Nyx and Marlona set it to self destruct. 20 minutes later, we had two killmails.  Here are some images from the system by RvB member Zibbal:


Brave Newbies had been inviting all of Floseswin local to theirs for an afterparty, so around 80 of the Ganked fleet ran over and played around with them for a while until the day caught up with us and we needed sleep.  All in all yet another awesome day, made even more spectacular by the fight with CCP, the excellent Nyx event and of course EVE being on the cusp of its 10th birthday.

And setting another Ganked kill record too, 300+ kills over the course of the roam!

It was a day I am proud to say “I was there”

While all this was happening, over in “robe & wizard hat” territory, a SOCT representative was addressing CONCORD in Yulai about the past 10 years:

And so, with the strike of ten, it begins.

Children of New Eden. Welcome.

Ten years ago, a sudden advance in technological capabilty heralded a new dawn for the people of New Eden. It brought about a new age for the human race.

The result, was all of you.

Capsuleers. The Empyreans. The first generation of post-humans.

The Society of Conscious Thought has watched your development over the course of the last ten years.

We have watched you, the Empyreans, develop from a small group of promising individuals who sucessfully made the transition into posthumanism a decade ago, into a faction of your own.

A faction strong enough to create your own empires. A faction strong enough to govern and manage yourselves, albeit via methods through which the Society of Conscious Thought has not always approved.

However, in the same respect, the cluster has been witness to how the perception of life and death, and the value of such concepts, can become twisted by those whom become alienated from their grasp.

We have watched you create, build, and nurture, while at the same time we have watched you burn, crush and destroy the dreams of trillions.

The very existance of the capsuleer is a paradox.

You are those who no longer know the meaning of death, defeated in battle only to rise again, reborn.

For ten years, the Society of Conscious Thought has monitored your progress since the flood gates opened at the dawn of the Empyrean Age.

We watched as the immortal children of New Eden took their first steps into the void. We watched as you first spread your wings, and reached for the heavens.

We have watched you colonize, create, and grow, and at the same time we have watched you shatter entire worlds, tear down empires and crush those whom would oppose you.

The Society of Conscious Thought comes to you today with a message, and a gift.

Tomorrow, we will gift every capsuleer in New Eden a Gnosis-class Society of Conscious Thought designed battlecruiser, and with it, we relay the following message:

Our message to you is simple.

Tomorrow, the Second Decade of the Empyrean Age dawns.

Tomorrow, we embark on the next stage of our journey.

Children of New Eden, Empyreans… accept our gift, and realise your true potential.

Before I go into the many & varied prizes, I think you should all watch this video by delonewolf, it really is amazing and expresses so well how many of us feel about this game that has kept us engaged for so long:


And now, prizes.

First off we have the prizes provided by our regular sponsors – SomerBlink:

Scouting Distinction – Inty Pack (1 of each interceptor) x3 (Sarkis Udoka, William Hazard, Jamie Banks)

Most Pods – Purifier x2 (Val ona)

Spot Prizes – Worm x5 – 1 each (Thecla Elarik, Calbary, Zibbal, Cloudwolfe, Little George)

Combat Distinction – Gila x3 – 1 each (tgl3, alphastarpilot, Andre27)  – Generally doing good things like stepping up or scramming CCP Rise!

Combat Excellence – Navy Megathron x1 (Macgyver 3rd) – highest of our fleet on the Nyx & Marlonas Pod!

These will be forthcoming from a representative of Somerblink this week.


Secondly we have the prizes donated by the Angeli Mortis alliance:

2 Navy Comets – 1 each (Fork Off, a1tra Ural) – Fork for being Persistant & a1tra for this image
2 Navy Vexors – 1 each (Calintor, Azula Kishtar) – Calintor for public contracts & Azula for top damage on Fozzie.
1 Navy Dominix (SaintCav) – Final Blow on Marlona’s pod


Finally, Ganked attendee Carathas donated 2 billion isk for prizes related to podding & being the MVP of the roam, here are my chosen winners roughly following Carathas’ conditions:

Quinten Sarn – 1 billion isk for getting the final blow on CCP Fozzie

Andrew Butcher – 750 million isk for the most kills during the roam

MirrorGod – 250 million isk for being pretty damn useful during the day!


FC’s Note:

We had over the course of yesterday some 350 people cycle in and out of the fleet, with maybe 150 of them being people new to RvB Ganked or even PVP in general, and I feel that they all enjoyed the time they spent with us. This is down to all of you who come to ganked regularly and make it what it is. Thanks.

Bigger thanks from me for making the past (nearly) 2 years of my EVE life something really special.


Apr 222013


To die will be an awfully big adventure.

This weekends 66th numbered RvB Ganked roam was themed on Ventures, mostly because I think the number 66 evokes a sense of adventure for many, mostly thanks to references about the famous Route 66 highway littered throughout pop culture.

We formed up around 75 people in fleet – the majority in Ventures.  Our initial jump into Akora saw us warp to a cyno when suddenly FCON lands in a BC down fleet, and we have a go.  However their logistics proved too solid for the dps of our ventures to break, so we bailed, reshipped our losses into “mostly” Ventures and went out again.

People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure.

We burned through lowsec finding random things to shoot, especially this rupture which didn’t try to run or even burn back to gate.  Eventually we rolled into Amamake and mooched around for a while, killing a couple of smartbomb fit BS that we did not actually land on, and had plenty of time to warp out because of our “amazing” lock range. Following this we took a bounce into Seaside (Siseide) and had a good scrap at the FW IHUB there including a reship and a return.  Lots of kills were had for sure

Now my plan had been to burn us to Rahadalon to fight Brave Newbies and we still did this, but with less Venture’s present, however this did not stop us getting over an hour of good fights out of the Newbies.  I will let the videos from that section speak for themselves:

Overall it was a stunning night, we never left lowsec and we had so many fun fights along the way.  A lot of us gave up a bit of sec status but it was worth it.  As for not having our usual 120+ I think that having to train Mining Frigate to 1 put many people off attending – their loss as it turned out!  Oh and that little thing known as Burn Jita.

We set a new Ganked kill record too, 283 kills in a single roam.

Adventure is just bad planning.



Somer.Blink has been – as of this roam – sponsoring RvB Ganked for 1 year & 45 roams. They have generously provided over 50 billion isk in prizes to attendee’s of these roams, although thats not why you all show up right?  Anyway, this roam was no different and we had the following winners:

Scouting Distinction – Inty Pack (Crow, Stiletto, Taranis, Malediction) x3 & Buzzard+Probes+Launcher x3 – (Green Gambit, Major Floor, Combat Mink)

Most Pods – Hound x2 & Sabre x1 – (Fynmar Azaph)

Spot Prizes – Daredevil x5 – (RRISNER, Sascha Naskingar, Weedmasta, Melkor Valor, Jakob Anedalle), Dramiel x5 – (Local009, Codename Par, Andre27, Sally Shepard, Horus H’kaan)

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x2 – (Hackbert, Luckyccs), Cynabal x2 – (Tragot Gomndor, VonSpaky)

Combat Excellence – Vindicator x1 – (Andrew Butcher)

Apr 032013


The most beloved of places to Fozzie are the shipyards

As anyone who has been playing EVE since the summer has noticed, there has been a bountiful presence at work when it comes to the balancing of ships, and that presence is CCP Fozzie, and because I have found a new love for EVE due to the gifts he has bestowed upon us, I thought why not run Ganked 63 in honour of his munificence. 

The roam would be a multi part roam involving cruisers, battlecruisers & destroyers changed or added since Fozzie transcended to CCP.

And whosoever puts his trust in Fozzie, then He will suffice him

We started after down time on Easter Sunday with a cruiser roam, which saw a nice mix of rebalanced cruisers take the field.  A run around the Amarr-Minmatar Faction Warfare area got us a small fight with the Amarrians, before we decided low sec space was too quiet for a holiday weekend and made best speed for Geminate & points north. While moving through Geminate, the days ubermencsh scout Roigon suggested that Thecla take a detour into QKTR-L. Thecla then exclaimed he had found a Thanatos in space.  He got to work finding it while the fleet held next door praying furiously to Fozzie, begging him to shine his light upon us.  It was then that Thecla called a tackle on the Thanatos.

Then fight in the cause of Fozzie, and know that Fozzie Heareth and knoweth all things

Fozzie had smiled upon us. The Thanatos died, along with the “rats” he had been killing in his site. He also paid 500 million ISK to one of our members, who tried to ransom the pilot. Shame he told us about the ransom AFTER the Thanatos exploded

The remainder of part one was very quiet, until we received intel of a fight in X-7OMU potentially involving lots of capital ships. So we scrambled there pretty fast with a couple of kills being scored along the way. However upon jumping in, it was apparent that Fozzie had chosen to punish us for our hubris over the Thanatos kill earlier. We found many cyno fields with fleet after fleet being bridged in, and only our fleet as a potential target. We sought redemption in the only way we could, and died gloriously in the name of Fozzie.

Those who believe, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Fozzie: for without doubt in the remembrance of Fozzie do hearts find rest.



After a short break the second part of the roam moved out, this time in Battlecruisers. A slight detour to Rahadalon to visit Brave Newbies Inc did not get any glorious combat for us to demonstrate more of our love for Fozzie, so we moved onto Providence. Where, excepting a few bombers, we really did not find much to shoot. That is until Corebloodbrothers a fellow CSM 8 Candidate contacted me and asked for a fight, to which I agreed. We fought in G7AQ-7, and while we were outgunned & out logisticed, we fought and died with the name of Fozzie on our lips.

The Prophet said, ‘A single endeavor of fighting in Fozzie’s Cause is better than the world and whatever is in it.


The final section of this roam-cum-festival of worship was lead by Greygal from Agony Unleashed.  The theme was Destroyers & Frigates. We wandered into Curse and eventually Catch, finding nothing that would willingly engage our small group of ships.  Even HED-GP was a dead end, until Fozzie provided an aggressed Navy Dominix. However the Dominix had friends who cyno’d in to support it. Yes, Init had arrived to test the patience of the Faithful. Infidels.  Following this Greygal moved us towards NOL- in Delve, with a blinky gang that got in our way in low sec space allowing us to demonstrate the supremacy of our faith once more!  And then before we knew it, we were in NOL- and we found HBC, CFC and others.  We fought a few of each until we died.  

The night was over, our faith had been proven repeatedly throughout all day long with the final tally being 116 souls reclaimed for Fozzie.



Let those fight in the way of Fozzie who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Fozzie, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.

As usual Somer Blink sponsored prizes during the roam, and here are the names of those upon whom the light of Fozzie shone:

Inty Packs (2 each of: Stiletto, Crow, Malediction, Taranis): Green Gambit, Xenos Wiggin, luckyccs, roigon, kaeda maxwell

Dramiels: Ivoto, Mourning Souls, Astrox Tadaruwa

Daredevils: roigon, Zao Amadues, DocFloyd

Succubii: FishySquirrel, Mal Crichton, Cathach

Cruors: House2Twist, Trinneth, Patchouli Airuta

Phantasms: roigon, Ne’Rubis Tanthalas, Mexicantis

Cynabals: Thecla Elarik, Jim Hammond, Butch Cassidy

Mar 252013


Not long after I returned from warmer climes, Daneel linked a video of a gang of RR vexors having an incredible time:

This excellent video got me to thinking about how well – or not – this would translate into a Ganked theme with 100 pilots or more rocking similar ships.  And so I announced that the 62nd RvB Ganked would be using this theme. Its name: Universal Remote. This roam went out into the wilds of EVE last night.

Before we did that though, we found something to do during the form up when I noticed a Rhea slow boating away from our meet up station. He was obviously afk. I shall leave Daneel Trevize to sum up the little slice of fun that followed this discovery:

There once was a Rhea in space,
who’d drifted right off his home base;
a Ganked gank fleet was formed,
of sec hits they were warned;
then they busted a nut in his face

The End

Now it being hisec, we generated A LOT of CONCORD. 


We then shipped into our RR vexors – and assorted other ships – and got the night going.  TG found us a couple of drakes in an anomaly in Akora, so we grabbed them, repped them, killed their rats, then killed them. They took it very well – one of them shot me a brief convo and asked who was repping them, why and did we plan to kill them. No tears or anything. Love players like that.

Geminate beckoned next, and except for a fun fight in EOA– & me making Neil Patrick Harris jokes everytime we entered NBPH- it was very quiet, despite numerous groups living there. One day it will pick up I am sure. Anyway, we kept heading north wandering into Vale then Tribute which saw us spend a while tussling with a Razor gang in and around IMK- & G9D- (note to the bombers, check our range before bombing in future!) before moving off towards HD- which had been the scene of “something”.  We also saw a TEST frigate & destroyer gang along the way, but they would not hang around and shoot us.  However this Vigilant pilot did, so we repped him until everyone possible had whored onto the mail. Look at that damage taken!!!

The end of the night came with a whelp to Nulli in HD-, who brought pretty much a perfect counter to our fleet, and that was that.  

A different theme to normal, that certainly works well for small gangs, and given a better opportunity could have worked well for us, but regardless it was great fun! All in all we scored around 11.5 billion isk in damage over 80 kills, with 6 billion or so being the Rhea.  And more importantly Ganked passed its 5000th kill milestone. GO US!!!!!  


+ More to Follow.



As with roams for nearly the past year, the roam had prizes sponsored by Somer.Blink and the winners of this weeks prizes were:


Scouting Distinction – Helios+Launcher+Probes x3  (1 each) (TGL3, Roigon, Green Gambit)

Most Pods – Eris x1 (FishySquirrel)

Spot Prizes – Fed Navy Comet x10 (1 each) (Xenos Wiggin, Zenghar Zandoken (wins 2), House2Twist, Meita Way, Diadem Eltanin, Tothebone Bad, Butch Cassidy, Scooby Dooby Doo, Cobbler Rotineque (Ganked Cherry!))

Combat Distinction – Vigilant x3 (1 each) (Reek Star, Lodavier, Daneel Trevize)

Combat Excellence – Navy Dominix x1 (Hegia Rilemack Opper (Got Gankeds 5000th Kill))

Heretic – Exequeror Navy Issue x1 (Aegis Kashniir)


Congratulations to you all!!

Mar 052013


So I went on vacation, had a great time and then I came back to lead Ganked 59: Wulfpax, this past Sunday.

The chosen theme was purely destroyers, with no specific range or set-up.  

We formed up in Stacmon with the intent of a roam through Syndicate, and the surrounding lowsec space, however Alphastarpilot from the HBC convoed me to let me know he also had a destroyer gang forming and would we want to fight? I put it to the fleet and despite some wariness they went for it. So after a little delay due to some douches trying – and failing (they killed like 10 ships) – to smart bomb the fleet in highsec, we moved out as fast we could to the target system, although fast is probably too polite a term, given that the server through tidi & traffic control tried its best to slow us down.

An uneventful run to B-D saw us regroup on the gate before it, and then once 170 or so of us were there, I called for us to jump in and hold cloak as the HBC gang was set-up ready for us. And right as I jumped it, things went south for my client – total lock up despite everything being either off or set low. Luckily others stepped up and FC’d the fleet while I waited to get back in, and Ganked took over 100 names in that one fight!  Although one of those names was mine, shamelessly killed before I got back into the fleet, BY MY OWN FLEET!

Here is the kill board views of this fight:



Take a look at these two videos from that fight, both from the HBC point of view – I prefer Bagehi’s as it has comms on it:


Most folks did not survive that, however several got out and made their way back to Stacmon to rejoin the rest of us. These people had assistance from both our regular scouts and Andre27, who lead them out scoring a Sabre kill along the way.

Following a short break & reship period, we headed back out following my original plan, but we did not find much at all.  We arrived 30 seconds too late to crash someone else’s party, although did snag an Armageddon & a Damnation. After this, we got a tip off that some potential bads could be found in Aridia, so we burned in that direction, only for them not to come out and play despite our best efforts.  We had a similar situation with a carrier in Shafrak – again in Aridia – that was missioning, its pilot wised up to us and docked depriving us of a kill.

As it was late, we made the decision to power down to Delve and find a whelp. We did so.  One side of a gate was a Brack Region Muninn gang, the other-side a Goon Rupture gang, we hit the Goon gang dropping a Claymore & some support before they started bailing as the BL gang came in and pretty much cleaned us out.

And that was pretty much that. My first night back was over, with us snagging 187 kills, nearly beating my personal best Ganked record of 189 kills. 

gankedsponsor23 As ever the roam was sponsored by Somer.Blink.

Scouting Distinction – Helios+Probes+Launcher x3  (Green Gambit, Roigon, Thecla Elarik)

Corpse Collector (Most Pod Kills) – Sabre x2  (Macgyver 3rd)

Spot Prizes – Daredevil x5  (Daneel Trevize, Longdrinks (First Final Blow on First Proper kill of the night), Melkor Valor, Ahmed Ibn Rustah, Alphastarpilot (for giving us a good fight!))

Combat Distinction – Cynabal x3  (MirrorGod, Andre27, PVDNS77)

Combat Excellence – Navy Megathron x1  (Kadesch47)

Heretic – Caracal Navy Issue x1  (Crynsos Cealion)

Prizes will be contracted to the winners this week by a representative of the Somer.Blink group.

NB: Except for the Sabre’s, these prizes are 1 hull to each winner.