Aug 302018

Dark Star Safari

Its that time of year again were I take off and see the world, this time round I am heading to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda for 3.5 weeks of overland Safari seeing all the biggies including Lions, Elephants and Mountain Gorilla, that means less Hard Liquor for you all! Fear not I have looked around and seen what you can all get up to while I am away, as you’ll find below, as well as laying the ground work for a very special HL roam when I am back.

  • 1st September, join up with the Fun INC guys for their inaugural NPSI roam, details here.
  • 8th & 15th September, either grab a few frigs or something and go out and kill stuff in my name, see what RvB has to offer, or fly with Spectre. Whatever explodes your boat!
  • 22nd September, the Fun INC guys have another event going on, again see the link above.


Hard Liquor Returns

Now, I am back on the 29th September, which is great timing as it’s only a few days past RvB’s 9TH BIRTHDAY!! For that we’ll be running a fun fleet that will certainly attract attention and get us killed/fights/kills/abused in local.  Yes folks, I have followed through on my promise from Saturday and have bought a bunch of Damaviks!

I bring you Hard Liquor #9: Forever War

When: Sat 29th September 19.30 UTC
Where: Vaajaita
What: Damaviks > Logi > Other Damage > Booshters > Tackle
Comms: RvB Public Mumble
Port: 43224
Pass: RvBLives
Name: [Corp Tag] + In game name
In game channel – RvB’s Hard Liquor / OOG – RvB Discord
FC: Mangala Solaris

I have secured 25 Damaviks, over the next few days I will farm these out to HL regulars for you guys to fit. We will also need booshters, tackle, regular logi and so on. Fits in this document here. Feel free to critique/outright change these, I wont be offended, I am after all awful at this game. I do hate the Damavik in fitting terms though, just needs a little MOAR PG…

EDIT: Its 3pm on Saturday 29th, ive just got home after an overly long journey back from east africa, postponing tonight to next week as I really am knackered and just want to sleep. Oh and apparently CCP rebalanced the Dam anyway?


Draw me like one of your French girls

I have 1 – 2 billion isk available for a talented artist to draw me naked.

Not really, I know I’d need a lot more isk than that! 

I’d like a Hard Liquor banner.

All I want is a banner that features a few liquor bottles, some full some less than, has to have the RvB logo on the bottles and a couple of ships doing drunk shit. Nothing more than that.  Banner size should be 1000 x 200 at the top end.  Here’s a link to the RvB logo.